Brokencyde Freaxxx Review


Brokencyde Freaxxx Review by Rob Taylor.


I wonder if they use booster seats?

Oh my.

You know you are onto a winner when you have one bandanna badass and a dayglo haircut emerge from a beefy 4×4 to the backing of electronic music which sounds like it was created by Rave Ejay 0.1 via a spectrum.

It gets better as the boot opens to show some ‘shorties’ coming out to join the fun!

The whole crazy episode is as though a member of Busted/McFly (The pink goth-glo)  has persistant vomiting and has accidently been taken to a Soulja Boy Juniors video shoot. Without any hint of thought they auto-tune ‘rap’ about ‘Versace’, ‘Rolex watches’, ‘Bentleys’ and other such bling while standing infront of a Jaguar that could have pulled out of 10 Downing St in the early 90’s. Perhaps the ‘hardcore shit will make you feel the toxic’ is a vauge reference to the credit crunch and they have nicked Ken Clarke’s motor?


That Bentley looks quite like a Jag...

Around the two minute mark things fall off the cliff of quality. “Liar” is screamed in stereo at random girls with some bloke in a pig costume (I have since found out this is the mascot called Bree) making an apperance. This screamo / crunk / crap cocktail will probably go down a storm on myspace however if this is the future of music I am worried.

Looking on the website of the guys who filmed it (‘eat cake’ films), they are keen to tell people ” There was no drinking of alcohol on set. The bottle you see seven drinking from….that’s apple juice believe it or not!” I can believe it! The bit I have trouble with is a bloke called ‘Se7en’ aka Steven to his parents who is in danger of cutting himself if he gets any more edgy.


Liar and strangulation. Ace.

I watch far too many music videos, and this has to be the most confused and inane one for a long time. I would hope it is a parody and excellent social commentary, in which case I would be impressed. I am not though, just saddened if not a little scared!

Brokencyde Freaxxx on Youtube. Be warned, this is 3.52 minutes of your life which you will never get back.



  1. britttanyyy (: on

    brokencyde is amazing in everyway. its the best band ever. there funny and they are truthful. they aint going to write some lameass songs about love or a girl, there not old yet so they shouldent worry about finding domeone at such a young age. kaaaay(: there amazing and people are just GEEKiiN okaaay. so think aboiut things before you post shiit like thiiis. and you have to be retarded to not know about bree 🙂 so whatever your lameee :DD

  2. Brokencyde’s music is as good as their fans are literate. I point you in the direction of Britttanyyy to make my point for me.

  3. Well I for one think BrokenCYDE is amazing. I don’t see why everyone hates them. I guess they’re just afraid of them or something. 😛 And to Jim. Most of us are literate for your information. 😛 Or is it just me.. Ah I donno. But, Yeah.. Haters can go to hell and keep their oppinions to themselves because no one wants to hear them.

  4. They tried to combine to genres that really shouldn’t go together, EVER! Crunk fans won’t like the screamo and screamo fans won’t like the crunk, they’re two genres that should be left alone. They make bands like metro station and hellogoodbye sound good.

    Fair enough if you like them but, britttanyyy and Destiny you two sound like a pair of fan girls.

    There are LOADS of bands out there with tonnes more talent than BrokenCYDE that deserve their break much more than them.

  5. Brokencyde doesnt have talent if you ask me, sounds like their voices are altered dramatically, bet if you see them live they will either lip sing or suck ass!

  6. I suppose at least they’re doing something no one else has… but there is a reason for that.
    Not shocking.
    Not original.
    Not scary.
    Not funny.
    Not subversive.
    About as much fun as a bee enema. Anyone who thinks this is innovative and subversive needs to be looked in a small room with Disgorge and the Berzerker.

  7. i love brokencyde. theyre amazing.
    if you don’t like them.. don’t listen to them!!simple as that!

  8. BrokenCYDE R thE bEst baNd ivE Herd in s000 L0ng c0s they 0rigInal unnnnLiKe s00 maNy pPL now anD TheyR s0Ngs r s00 deEp wit theyR Wyte boII SwaggA

  9. I couldn’t care less how original they are.
    It wont change the fact that they are talentless and need to give up making music so that everyone outside of the niche group that likes them don’t have to listen to them.

  10. brokencyde is the best damn band ever to come out this is the coolest video made and the lead singer se7en is awsome and people who dont know anything about them and theyre history should SHUT THEYRE mouth and stop disin them

  11. Brokencyde is awesome. and all you haters are lame. brokencyde is unique and you haters dont know crap