We Call It : RATM is Christmas Number 1


The chart results stopped counting at midnight apart from the odd digital copy, so the results at the time of writing are known somewhere. Sadly we are not in the magic circle of PR places who are currently sitting on the news until the 7pm embargo time expires (mainly due to the Official Charts Co not being that quick in replying over the last few weeks…!).

So, what can we learn from Betfair and Twitter, two fine examples of citizen journalism and opinion reflection?

Nigel Pauley, the ‘veteran showbiz hack’ claims via his twitter “RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE TOP CHARTS – official. By around 52,000 copieson last figures… “

and Paulhitsheet who is a “well connected publisher of tastemaking subscriber based music magazine hit sheet” claims “502,672 vs 450,838 but i’m not saying who or what those statistics mean. Go figure it out yourselves but one nil to the real evil empire!!!! “

The difference between the Paulhitsheet figures is 51,834 which is close enough to Nigel Pauley’s 52,000 to make us think they have seen the same stats.

This, added into the stupidly low odds on Betfair for a RATM win, would point towards a RATM win.

Therefore, at 3:30pm , Music.co.uk is calling the race in favour of Rage!

Can we now get back to some non Sony based music?


EDIT 4:15pm : Loads more sources being dug out from earlier, eg Tom Warren who had a copy of the embargoed press release. Respected writer from  decent website etc etc.

EDIT 4:45 : Ok , last update for you all doubters! Andy Copping, ‘Festival booker for Download Festival and Promoter for Live Nation’ has posted on his twitter saying “You may hear this here first…RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE are No.1 in the UK charts…this news is monumental!!” , and does state ” Do not fear, the free gig is being worked on ” , “You’ll have to await news on the free gig but we’re working on it right now

What more ‘proof’ do you need?!

EDIT 6:48pm : There you go… ! Woz the Music.co.uk Wot Won It



  1. Anyone basing the results on Betfair odds is an idiot. Those odds are based on the bets people are making, not facts about sales figures. They reflect punters’ uninformed guesses and nothing else.

  2. Ekcol,

    Think you are the idiot, a Bookie adjusts the odds he offers based on numerous factors, one of them being the number of bets taken.. others are things like “inside information” and common sense!

    Please make sure you know what you are saying before you start yacking rubbish!

  3. Betfair is not a normal bookies, it puts people v people rather than a company setting odds. Thats why we included it as its proven to be right eg. in football management changes!