Fugative Announces New Single Release and Live Dates

Fugative (Image from Republic Media Pr)

Fugative (Image from Republic Media Pr)

Screaming girls, BBC gigs and radio interviews, and working alongside artists such as Kele Le Roc, and Darren Hayes. All in a days work for Fugative, a singer, songwriter, and producer from Essex.

Fugative first became interested in music at the age of seven, hanging around music studios owned by some respected names in the music business. Since then, the now 15 year old schoolboy has worked hard to create his own unique blend of ‘Hip Pop’ music. He released his debut single in 2008.

The infectious ‘It’s Summer Time’ brought him to the attention of young girls up and down the country, who remain loyal fans. He also attracted the attention of the media, proving a huge hit with radio 1’s Nick Kershaw, and viewers of digital Satellite channel, ‘Channel U’. Since then he has been finding his way around his home studio, creating his debut album, due for release this summer.

Before the album hits the shops Fugative’s chilled out American influenced sound, will be raising the roof of under 18’s venues across the country, as he promotes his second single. His gig list includes two performances in his home county on February 18th, as part of the Club DTV tour events at Dukes Genesis, Chelmsford, and Club Mayhem Southend. Club DTV runs a unique youth based web T.V channel and under 18’s club tour, and have been firm supporters of Fugative since the start of his career.

But onto the single that Fugative is promoting called ‘Jimmy Shoe’. Released on April 6th, this is described as a tongue in cheek look at female show obsession (something men may never understand!). Citing inspiration from the likes of Lil Wayne and Sean Kingston, this is the first song which is all Fugatives own work, a feat which has found him understandably proud and excited. “This is the first song I have produced and recorded myself; it represents the sound of the new generation ‘Hip Pop’. I feel really excited about this song; I think it’s my best work so far.”

‘Jimmy Shoe’ and a selection of Fugatives other tracks are available on his myspace page @ www.myspace.com/fugativeuk, along with his full gig listings. For more information on Club DTV and its nationwide events, which also feature P.A’s from chart stars ‘Ironik’, visit www.clubdtvshop.com.



  1. georgia akers butcher on

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  5. Siaannie Racheal on

    Omg Fugative!

    uur amazing, i Love You!
    peng ;]

    uve so gotah kum down, too luton 🙂
    every time i watch ur videos specially saturdae night
    i go mental hehe.

    x x x

    Sian 🙂

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    well loveyou lots ur a right fittie!!!!!!!
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    😉 Ellese<3 leicester shire<3 x x x x x x

  7. Sanjana Begum on

    I’m Your Biggest Fan Haha You Call Me & My Mates Your Number 1 Fans’z !
    So Officali Im Your Biggest Fan Ever 😀 x

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    Love You Babe
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  12. Fugativeefan ' Saarah B on

    I WENT TO GO SEE YOU AT ESCAPADE ON 29TH DECEMBER 09 , you touched me 6 times and i even met you ; we had a chat and you signed me a poster ! i love you soo friggin much fugative ; im comin to see you on februarч 27th 2010 ; might be gerrin the VIP tickets so i can meet you again ! i love you ; not just cos of your looks ; because your genuine and the most kindest guy ive ever met tbh ! your such a good role model for чounq people ; so congratulations to harry bчarts (fugatiive) if youu didnt know that hahaa x

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    everyone has pretty much said all i wanna say. im constantly on google trying to find tour dates to your next concerts.
    i absaloutly lovee youuu..
    i’m not as obsessed as some people, with you as my msn picture but i do love you and i have bought from your wardrobe collection with Fugative on it, and i must say jumpers are very nice 😉
    well …. please could you email me if you have msn and facebook becuase i would love love love to speak to you and meet you in person :/

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