The Man Behind The 80’s Rewind Festival


Here at we promised you a celebration of the 80’s in association with the 80’s Rewind Festival, and we’re not going to disappoint. Lauren has been in contact with David Heartfield, one of the people that behind 80’s Rewind. Read on to hear what he had to say about the festival and his own experience in organising music events.

1. In a nutshell, how would you describe event management, is there any aspect of the job you particularly enjoy?

“It’s mostly common sense and a good dollop of experience. The fun part is the creative side, putting together new concepts that you hope the public will enjoy.”

2. Do you have backgrounds in events/music industry? What sort of projects have you worked on in the past?

“I spent over 20 years producing and promoting open air shows in the UK; ranging from millennium eve at Greenwich, to The Last Night of Wembley Stadium, along with the countless open air stately home concerts.”

3. Why did you decide to run an 80’s festival? How was it coming up with a concept for the event?!

“We have done a number of  80s retro shows over the last couple of years, all of which attracted a 10,000 capacity sell out crowd, so this year we have decided to expand the concept into a full weekend camping festival.”

4. Do you think more festivals should be family friendly? Is it hard to get the balance between that and the ‘rave/party’ element?

“I think each festival signs its own style and atmosphere.”

5. Who are you most looking forward to seeing @ 80’s Rewind?

“The barman at the backstage bar at the end of the weekend!”

6. What do the 80’s mean to you?

“My lost youth.”

7.  What do you hope the festival will be known for in the future? Do you hope it will continue in years to come?

“Hopefully the festival will be known for a sense of “fun” in a beautiful riverside setting.”

8.  Just for fun, if you could choose your ultimate festival attraction/facility (that you don’t already have at the event) what would it be?

“My ultimate festival attraction would be guaranteed sunshine all weekend.”

Whatever the weather, 80’s Rewind is sure to be a great event, but don’t just take our word for it, visit to find out what all the fuss is about! But don’t forget to come back to soon, because we’ll also be featuring interviews with some of the stars of the festival. Who will we be talking to? Well that’s a secret for now, so you’ll just have to come back and find out!



  1. will you be doing another 80 rewind in 2010 if so where and when. had a fab weekend cant wait to go again.7

  2. Wife and I had a smashing weekend, good location and music, so big thanks to all involved. Only one moan, we could do with a few more shower units next time though, as most mornings there was over an hour’s waiting time. That aside, we are alrady looking forward to the next one. Now to get some sleep 😉

  3. Tarida Mitcham on

    What a great weekend!

    We are already guessing the artists for 2010…there is going to be another festival isn’t there? …..please…please…..

    Also, make sure you have Jayson Jaurique back as his accoustic sets by the beer and cider tents made our weekend, they were wicked!

    I agree with the need for more toilets, showers and coffee vans in the camp site area though, as it wasn’t great having to wait up to an hour for a coffee and shower in the morning….

    Thanks for a great weekend though, will definately be back next year and with more of us too……

  4. WOW!!! a FAB weekend, great music, great people and great weather what more could we ask for, oh yeah a few more coffee vans and showers in the campsite, please!! Can’t wait for next years!!!!! There will be one, please???

  5. Ashleigh Cornelius on

    Is there a mailing list to receive updates on next years event? I missed this year due to V and was absolutely gutted…. Do not want to miss out on tickets for 2010.

  6. My friends & I had a great weekend & are really looking forward to doing it again. Everyone had their favourites, but highlights were Real Thing, Rick Astley, ABC, Billy Ocean & Sister Sledge. Organisation was great, sun shone & much beer was consumed. I heard on the grapevine that if this year was a success then next year the ticket availability would be doubled. If this is true I think the atmosphere would be spoiled and also there would have to be more toilets, showers, food availability.

  7. Had a fab weekend – perfect in every way ….apart from lack of toilets and showers. Having said that, it didnt spoil anything. The sight of thousands of fortysomethings dressed up, having a blast was great. Bring on 2010 !!

  8. Had such a good weekend !!!!! Please please do it again next year! nic kershaw and howard jones were great !!!!

  9. what a brilliant weekend. I took my teenage daughter with me and we both had a real good time, ideal for familys. Well worth the 5hr train journey!!. Would love to see it again next year but like previous posts must be more showers and food/drink availability in the camping area. Also more funfair rides please -where were the waltzers???(surely a must for the 80’s). Comedy store tent was an absolute blast and was excellant – a must for next year!. Please please do not double the ticket availability next year as would spoil the whole festival as it was just right this year. PLEASE PLEASE do it again next year and there will be more of us travelling down as the location was beautiful. Oh and keep it for the same weekend as the V festival – gives us “oldies” something to do! he he. BRING ON 2010! xx

  10. Just been looking on the facebook site and they have some really good ideas if it was done again next year. So if anyone important is reading this – here goes:-
    Bigger Comedy Store Tent / or maybe 2 Tents
    Proper Disco not Silent Disco
    More Funfair rides
    More Showers
    Less Artists but Artists given a longer slot
    Food/Drink to be cheaper as everyone thought it to expensive

    Personally i think the organisers would be MAD not to do another rewind festival next year, considering this year is the “credit crunch” year and already people want tickets for next year.

  11. Wife didn’t want to go, as she had a gut feeling about a lack of showers and loos.
    Went with a mate for the whole weekend, what a fantastic, trouble free, totally enjoyable experience.(need more coffee shops)
    The promoters need to pat theirselves on the back.
    This was one hell of a success and I want to go back now.

  12. Loved it great weekend,Only one thing children under 12 should be free that stop me going in on saturday evening went on sunday solo.

  13. Terry, Lel,Ian & Cathy on

    The thought of camping, outside toilets, log wet grass in the mornings etc for an entire weekend filled me with dread………..BUT damn glad I did it. Absolutely wicked weekend. Music was fab especially Billy Ocean, heaven 17 and Howard Jones , and the silent disco I have to say was the best laugh out. Agree with some of the comments above when are you doing 2010? as some of us have to book our holiodays a year in advance!! Don’t let us miss out thanks to all who arranged it and yes don’t let it get too big unless its our tickets that take it over the 20,000!

  14. This was a really great weekend. Loved the silent disco I have never laughed so much. Defo need more coffee and food bars to be open in the morning and more toilets and washing facilities. Will defo be going next year. It was a lovely sunny weekend but just one thought for next year, If it rains there is no where to shelter.

  15. What a fantastics weekend,This has to be a must for next year.7 hours in our vw camper to get there but more than worth it,even met some new friends there travelled for 13 hours to get there from Scotland.One of the most chilled festivals that i have been to,good family atmos,no trouble,no drunks spoling the fun…Big thanks to all those involved

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  17. Just a heads up for everyone, tickets are already on sale for next year 😀 Which is fantastic! I’ve already bought mine for the weekend.
    You can only buy weekend tickets at the moment for a short period, then they will wait to sell day tickets once the line up has been confirmed, which I assume will be around March/April next year. I can’t wait!!!!

    Regarding Heather’s post (Above) I think they should stick to the same concept as this year, lots of acts for half an hour each. It’s the perfect set up as you get to hear all their classic, popular tunes…. Meaning if you don’t particularly like the artist, you still recognise the songs and don’t have to wait long for someone you do really like.
    I really hope they don’t lessen the number of acts. This year was perfect!

  18. what a great weekend

    four of us went from youngest 12 y/o to me a mere 39 y/o, we all enjoyed the whole set up,

    if i were to send any message to the organiser’s it would be that the sound set up did seem to cause a lot of problems for the acts
    I feel that the food was very expensive, did expect a real 80’s disco to finnish the night, it was a let down with the silent disco money making by charging for headphones though the place was packed and so was the comedy tent so never even got into either!
    i would drop bannanarama they are rubbish i saw the powderham castle 80’s festival before i had gone to the rewind festival and they were useless there aswell moaning about the backing track and not singing in time to it!!!!
    If they have to sing along to tape dont have them in 2010!!
    HOWARD JONES WAS AMAZING i have seen so many people saying he was the best on yet he was on so early he should be headlining, but then they were all absolutely brilliant exept banannarama!!!!
    We will all be going to next years infact i think that i will be with about another 20 people i have talked into coming aswell so get your tickets early!